What does sustainable fashion mean to us?

In the 6 years since the brand was founded, we have gone from a small home brand to a rapidly growing local brand with limited clothing lines and the development of an emotionally positive print on fabrics and products, gradually replacing standard business solutions with new ones focused on sustainable fashion, smart consumption and care for the environment.



    Clothing is no longer a unique necessity and value; clothes are a way to express your emotions, an opportunity to show yourself or, on the contrary, hide in the crowd. Our mission is to make a product that evokes good emotions, with notes of light irony and thoughtful details. Our product for the sake of your emotions.


    "Over the past two years, there have been a lot of changes in the world: political, economic and social. Such upheavals greatly affected the psychological and emotional state of people. My opinion is that fashion should bring pleasure, delight, decorate, flirt, complement, conduct a dialogue, present the mood and values of a person. Who you are today - you decide with the help of clothes. What can I do to help? I can produce clothes with ironic prints, seasonal capsule lines, which even in the center of the metropolis will make you feel like you are on the sea coast or near a warm fireplace and a fragrant Christmas tree. Happiness and emotions are our target."

    Tania, Founder of Maniita Lacitta


    We believe you should know a bit more about the clothing you wear from design and manufacturing to sales and distribution, the garments we all wear have a long lifecycle before they even make it to our wardrobes.

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    Maniita lacitta will never work with anyone that doesn’t treat their employees fairly.

    All patterns for our Maniita Lacitta clothes are made in the our head office in Riga (Latvia). On the basis of patterns and samples, our production partners create final products at local small local production facilities. We select all of our partners based on their experience with sustainable resource use, sound waste management, ethical working conditions and independent monitoring of these key indicators. We are personally acquainted with each family - the owners of factories, we know their mission and principles of doing business.


    30% of the brand's range is made up of materials that do not contain synthetic elements,
    15% - clothing made from recycled plastic and cotton.

    We use Organic fabrics and dyes so that people and the planet are not exposed to harmful pesticides.
    It uses low impact non-toxic dyes in all its products. Its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of water and wastewater used in production. While we use very little synthetic materials, what we do use is recycled or easily remove-able and widely recycle-able. Where dead-stock buttons are not available, we use coconut or shell buttons. Coconut and shell are renewable, biodegradable and a environmentally friendly alternative to plastic buttons.

    We use:

    • GOTS certified Organic fabrics from Poland - PAWOTEX
    • Recycled plastic and cotton materials from Finland - Pure Waste
    • Fittings and consumables for sewing from Latvia - Arta

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