• 1 Assortment

    We believe in giving customers complete transparency and it's our aim to ensure you know where your garment originates.
    We want to give you a behind the scenes view of the brand's journey, all the way from stitch to store.
    Our assortments are not a small choice, but sufficient, carefully verified in the details.
    Happiness and emotions are our target.
  • 2 Product

    We believe that the very first and best way to support the environmental theme is to always choose for yourself quality products that will last longer.
    To choose for yourself - for us it means that we are for selling and buying a quality product.
    That is why MANIITA LACITTA clothing range does not focus on short-term trends.We decided not to participate in this race "to offer the client to buy a new one", but to make a quality limited product with emotion.
  • 3 Recycling & Plastic

    We independently "recycle" scraps of fabric left after sewing products. For example, we sew elastic bands for hair from silk, cotton and linen; Batiste, chiffon and viscose are used to make bags for storing clothes, which we give to our customers.
    Since 2019, we have eliminated all plastic from our labels and boxes.
    Since 2021 15% of the brand's range is made up of clothing made from recycled plastic and cotton.
  • 4 Suppliers

    Creating clothes for us is a partnership with our suppliers and factories and when you work in partnership there is a mutual trust and respect for everyone involved.
    Before partnering with a new supplier, we carefully discuss their principles, values, and manufacturing practices to ensure that carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other toxins do not enter our supply chain or enter your body.
    Maniita Lacitta will never work with anyone that doesn’t treat their employees fairly.
  • 5 Ethical clothing

    As a business, we believe that prioritizing the health of the planet and its people is an urgent matter.When we say we create safe, comfortable, and fair working environments, it applies far beyond our headquarters.Everyone in our supply chain—material producers, garment workers, and recyclers—must be treated with respect, and must make responsible choices when it comes to carbon emissions, water use, and chemical use.
  • 6 Zero Waste Misfits

    We have a limited production run to minimise textile waste.When developing new models of clothing or using a new material, we produce test products - “samples”. Often, for one new dress model, before we approve the design, construction and technology, there are up to 5-6 pieces samples.
    Since 2021 we have decided to cooperate with the Foundation and transfer products to professionals to participate not only in our personal lifestyle in conscious consumption, but also in our business, our entire team.
  • 7 Tree

    Since the foundation of the brand (2016), we havenever used paper receipt: since the founding of the company, all invoices and receipt are sent to the client's email; while working with b2b partners (factories, production facilities, etc.) we use electronic signatures and e-documents.
    Since 2020, we do not print reportsand presentations in our office, we look at all business data in electronic form.
  • 8 Team

    We have a code of conduct in the company that defines how employees should interact with each other or partners, as well as how to behave at work.We pay special attention to attracting specialists to the team who share the mission and values ​​of the brand: reasonable consumption, sustainable development, and the implementation of zero-waste consumption principles.
  • 9 Animals

    We do not use: fur, leather, down, angora, exotic animal skin or hair.